Must Needed Features And Benefits Your Next Android Phone Needs To Have

If you’re in the market for a new Android, chances are you’ve considered all of the usual suspects: Samsung, Huawei and so on. These brands have been huge players in the Android space for years now.

And they continue to offer some of the most impressive devices out there. However, if you look at their recent portfolios, it doesn’t take long to notice something rather predictable about many of these phones.

For example, almost all of them come equipped with dual cameras. Or perhaps they have an upgrade from last year’s model that improves on something like battery life or screen resolution.

Even though these features might not seem particularly groundbreaking at first glance (and indeed many of them aren’t), they make a big difference in how we use our phones every day. With that in mind, here are some must-have features for your next Android phone.

Great Battery Life And Fast Charging

One thing that annoys Android users most is, it’s poor battery life. While the latest iPhones have been receiving praise for their impressive battery lives, Android devices have been struggling to keep up.

To be fair to manufacturers, improving on battery life is not easy, but it’s something that we all need. With that in mind, it’s worth looking out for a phone that offers better battery life and charging times.

Ideally, you want a phone that can fully charge in just a couple of hours. However, it’s better to focus on fast charging, as this is something that you can do yourself.

It’s also worth noting that there are some other ways to improve your battery life, such as turning off unnecessary apps, limiting screen brightness, and not using your phone while on charge.

Warp Speed Processing

When it comes to your next Android phone, you’ll want to check out its processor. Specifically, you want to make sure that it’s using the Snapdragon 845. This is Qualcomm’s latest and greatest processor.

After being used in some of the most powerful Android phones this year, it’s been recognized as one of the fastest processors on the market.

If you’re not familiar with the numbers behind processors, all you need to know is that the Snapdragon 845 is the best option right now. You might also want to consider a processor with a high clock rate.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but the speed at which a processor can process data is not a fixed number. A processor’s clock rate is the speed at which it can process instructions.

A high-end processor with a high clock rate means that it can process instructions faster, which will improve your phone’s overall performance.

Multiple Windows

This is one feature that you might not have heard about before, but it’s actually incredibly useful. What this feature allows you to do is to open as many apps as you like simultaneously.

For example, you could be looking at a webpage in your browser, have a couple of different social media apps open, and also have a PDF document open from your email.

This is a feature that is available on many Android phones, but it’s not something that is included by default. You’ll have to manually turn on the feature, but it’s definitely worth doing.

Fix The Fragmentation Issue

This might seem like a strange item to start with, but it’s very important for Android users. For those who are unaware, one of the biggest issues associated with Android is the fragmentation issue.

What this essentially means is that Android phones come with different versions of the operating system, and these versions can vary wildly. There are two major reasons why fragmentation is an issue.

First, it can cause compatibility issues with apps. For example, if you have a version of Android that is two years old, it’s unlikely that an app released this year will work on it.

This can affect your ability to get stuff done on your phone, as well as your general experience when using Android apps. The second problem with fragmentation is that it can make your phone less secure.

You may have heard about security flaws in Android. The reason for this is that Google patches all of these vulnerabilities in the latest version of Android before releasing the OS to manufacturers.

However, older versions of Android don’t receive these patches, so if you have a phone that uses an older version of Android, it’s incredibly susceptible to these attacks.

A Great Camera

The last thing you’ll want to focus on when buying your next Android phone is the camera. It might sound obvious, but it’s actually incredibly important.

You might be one of the rare people who never uses their phone’s camera, but the majority of us take photos regularly. When choosing a camera, you should look for a couple of things.

First of all, you want a camera with a wide aperture. This will allow more light to reach your sensor, which will in turn let you take better photos in low-light settings.

Secondly, you’ll want a camera with good image stabilization. If you’re taking photos while moving around, you don’t want the shutter speed to be so slow that the image is blurry.

A Good Display

Much like with a TV or computer monitor, the display on your phone is one of the most important features, and it’s one of the first things that people will notice.

Fortunately, we’re in a great time for high-quality smartphone screens, and many manufacturers have put a lot of effort into their designs. What to look for in a display?

Colour accuracy is a great place to start, as you can use it to accurately judge what you’re photographing or watching if you’re planning to use your phone in these ways.

Meanwhile, brightness can be important when you’re using your device in bright sunlight. A display that’s too dim can be a major headache to use, so it’s good to see some manufacturers taking this into consideration.

Sound Quality

When most people think about the quality of a phone’s sound, they think about its speaker. However, there are other factors at play, too. That’s because the source of your audio is often coming from a different place entirely: your headphones.

And because a lot of people use headphones on a daily basis, the better the quality of your phone’s audio, the better the experience will be. Naturally, different types of headphones require different levels of power to function at their best.

But the majority of modern smartphones can manage this with ease. Even better, many phones now come with a couple of different audio “modes” that you can use to fine-tune your experience even further.

Android’s Latest Software

Android is a great operating system with a lot of great features, but one of its most important aspects is the way that it’s updated. It’s no secret that iOS is much better at staying up to date with the latest features.

And it’s a key reason why many people choose to buy an iPhone. Besides the benefit of having the latest and greatest that iOS has to offer, this also extends to future Android updates too.

After all, the next version of Android isn’t set in stone just yet, and there’s no guarantee that it will roll out to every device. However, you can rest assured that if you buy a phone that’s up to date, you’ll be among the first to receive any future Android updates.

Plenty Of Storage Space

When it comes to storage, nothing is more important than getting as much as you can for your money. That’s because a good portion of your phone’s price is often going towards its internal storage.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers have recently been cutting some corners with the amount of storage they offer in their devices. This is because an increase in RAM can also lead to a better user experience.

Unfortunately, even if you buy a device that has plenty of memory, chances are you’ll run out of space sooner than you’d like. That’s because many of us are guilty of storing unnecessary files on our phone, whether it’s photos, videos, or other documents that we don’t need.

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